Multiple Environmental Services for a Facility in Bronx, New York

Walden provided a multi-task professional engineering and professional geology service to a Bronx facility operating multiple boilers to generate heat and steam for residential consumers. Initially, Walden’s assistance to the client was related to obtaining all necessary air permits due to a mandatory NYC DEP requirement to convert the boiler fuel from #6 fuel oil… Read More

MS4 Annual Reporting and Training

Walden conducts Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) annual refresher training for several municipal clients, where we discuss the importance of eliminating illicit discharges and meeting the minimum control measures to protect local surface waters. The purpose of the training is to ensure that the Villages deploy trained staff to enforce the permit and MS4… Read More

Municipal On-Call Contracts

Since 2005 Walden has assisted various municipalities with a wide array of environmental compliance tasks through developing contracts with environmental subcontractor firms. The contracts secure prices for our clients. Walden has developed a series of separate on-call contracts for environmental subcontractor services on behalf of a local Town.  These on-call contracts have enabled the Town… Read More

Animal Shelter Generator Design, Bidding and Installation Oversight

Walden designed a compressed natural gas generator system which is currently being installed at an animal shelter. During emergencies, such as Superstorm Sandy, the animal shelter takes in many animals that cannot be cared for elsewhere due to the damage caused by the storms and the conditions endured by the pets’ owners. Power outages experienced… Read More

Septic System Design and Variance

Septic System Design

Walden provided engineering services to a large commercial bakery client in Suffolk County, NY in changing the use of a former adult care center to a new bakery manufacturing operation. This process called for modifying the existing septic system systems serving the building, certifying as-built conditions of other on-site septic systems, and obtaining a variance… Read More

Sewage Ejector System Installation, Nassau, New York

An international bus company with a depot in Brooklyn had a number of buses and coaches for hire with on-board bathrooms.  There was never any convenient way to discharge the waste from these buses once back at the depot.  Walden was hired to solve this problem and was recommended based on previous projects that staff… Read More

Town Highway Yard Drainage Design and Oversight, Nassau, NY

A local Town has operated a satellite highway yard for many years on Town owned property.  The yard was an asphalt paved lot that stored various trucks, equipment, debris and salt, while having no drywells or other storage/infiltration structures to provide on-site drainage storage capacity. In recent years, in an effort to decrease annual truck… Read More

Fire House Flood Proofing, Nassau County, NY

Walden provided design services for a resiliency improvements project at a Fire House owned by our client, a local municipality on the South Shore of Long Island. The project is being implemented under a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) to prevent future damage due to flooding and wind damage in order to ensure that this… Read More

High School Athletic Fields Renovation/ Construction Management Project

High School Athletic Field Renovation/ Construction Management Project, Beach Channel, NY. Walden worked closely with the construction contractor on this major NYC School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) project completed in 2016 during which the existing baseball and softball fields at Beach Channel High School were renovated and repaired. The project involved removing the existing turf, substrate… Read More