MS4 Illicit Discharge Investigation Using Thermal Imaging UAVs

Research and Development, Village of Laurel Hollow, New York Walden, Harkin Aerial, and the Friends of the Bay (Oyster Bay) applied for and received a grant from the Nassau County Soil and Water Conservation District to use drones to help the client improve water quality in the Laurel Hollow Subwatershed by mapping water infrastructure, detecting… Read More

MS4 Illicit Discharge Investigation Using Thermal Imaging UAVs–Mill Neck Creek

Research and Development, Village of Bayville, New York (Mill Neck Creek) On this project, Walden and Harkin Aerial used drones to help the client improve water quality in the Mill Neck Creek Subwatershed by better mapping water infrastructure, detecting and locating possible illicit discharges in stormwater systems (MS4) and identifying other areas that could be… Read More

Using Drones to Map Facilities

As part of ongoing improvements to a facility in the Hudson Valley, Walden and Harkin have mapped the facility using drones to document construction progress, create roof plans for HVAC and solar panel installation, and create updated topography for future construction projects. High-resolution orthomosaics (stitched imagery) and DEMs (Digital Elevation Models) were generated for each… Read More

MS4 Illicit Discharge Detection Investigation using Thermal Imaging UAVs

Walden is working to assist MS4 communities to improve storm water quality by using thermal imaging from drones to efficiently identify sources of potential pollution. Efficiently identifying heat differentials in the soil using aerial thermal imaging technology can pinpoint illicit discharges, failing onsite wastewater treatment systems and other pollution sources, which can then be inspected… Read More

Part 360 Solid Waste – Drone Topography and Volume Calculations

Walden, through our strategic partnership with Harkin Aerial, has utilized cutting edge drone technology to reduce costs and time on site to obtain data required for successful filing of NYS Part 360 Solid Waste permits. By combining high-resolution drone imagery along with existing surveys and precision ground control points, Walden and Harkin were able to… Read More

Remote Real-time Environmental Monitoring at Construction Sites

Real-time construction environmental monitoring utilizing IoT sensor networks, cloud storage and user interface dashboards. Advances in sensor technology and the cost to install monitoring arrays in the field are decreasing as accessibility to sensor hardware and manufacturing increase. Consultants can bring equipment and data in-house reducing reliance on vendor services and subsequent cost to the… Read More