Water System Valuation and Feasibility Study of American Water (New York) for the Service Area for the Town of Hempstead (2021)

The Town of Hempstead retained Walden to determine the value, feasibility, process, and cost of extending their district to include the Town of Hempstead water service area of New York American Water (NYAW). The Town’s interest in the system included more than 110,000 customers, dozens of wells and production facilities, metering stations, above-ground storage tanks,… Read More

Valuation Analysis in Support of Property Tax Assessment Appeal and Possible Litigation, Confidential Broadband Client, New York (2020)

Walden was retained to support a Confidential Broadband (Utility) Client for an appeal of certain real and personal property assessments. Walden was retained to conduct asset and income- based appraisals of the utility company and its infrastructure that included operating revenues, expenses, grant proceeds and assets located on public and private property.  Walden prepared Original… Read More

Sanitary Sewer and Water Systems Valuation of the Town of Sheridan (Indiana) Resulting in the Purchase by American Water (2018)

The Town of Sheridan, through a competitive RFP process, negotiated the sale of their water and sewer utilities to American Water Works Company, Inc. for $11M and certain customer rate commitments.  The Town’s 2000 customers (of each utility) are now seeing significant investments from their new providers.  Walden prepared an initial Feasibility Study using the… Read More