Walden Welcomes Joe Burden!

Joseph W. Burden is a Project Engineer at Walden Environmental Engineering. Joe received his Bachelor of Science in Coastal Zone Environmental Management and his Master of Science in Surveying with Land and Environmental Management from the University of Exeter, Camborne School of Mines in the U.K.  Joe has provided design engineering and field management services for a… Read More

Walden Pleased to host Dr. Amy Nitza presenting “Building and Sustaining Personal and Professional Resilience”

During these tremendously challenging times, we are all experiencing some new stressors in our every-day lives both in the home and at work. Challenges and routines have been replaced, intensified or removed out of our daily way of life. As an employer, Walden Environmental Engineering believes it is important to provide a comfortable, safe and… Read More

NYSDEC and NYCDEP New Regulations for Generators

NYSDEC has recently issued a new regulation (6NYCRR 222) for generators taking effect on December 1st 2016. The new regulation applies to generators with an output rating of: 200 horsepower (150kW) or greater in the New York City metropolitan area 400 horsepower (300kW) or greater outside the New York City metropolitan area The followings are… Read More