Does my Industrial Facility need a SPDES Permit, NPDES Permit, or a SWPPP for stormwater discharge management in New York State?

When it comes to facility stormwater discharge management in New York state, there can be confusion on what permitting is required and what the various acronyms like SPDES, NPDES, or SWPPP mean. In short, SPDES and NPDES, are related regulatory programs put in place to regulate stormwater discharges that may leave a facility and enter… Read More

Annual Hazardous Waste Reports Due March 1st

It’s that time of year again to submit your Annual Hazardous Waste Report to the New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC). Each calendar year, a Hazardous Waste Report must be submitted by Large Quantity Generators (LQGs) and treatment, storage and/or disposal facilities in New York State. Who needs to file? Generators of hazardous wastes… Read More