Above Ground Storage Tanks vs Underground Storage Tanks

Design Permitting Removal of USTs

Petroleum and Chemical Bulk Storage Decisions If you plan to store petroleum products or certain types of hazardous substances, you can count on detailed regulation whether you choose above ground or underground storage tanks (ASTs or USTs). Stringent standards are aimed at overall public health and environmental protection, but primarily ensuring that our groundwater remains safe,… Read More

So, You Bought A Brownfield. Now What?

Polluted Property Development

Brownfield Redevelopment What did I buy? Hundreds of thousands of brownfields are located across the county. Brownfields are properties formerly utilized for commercial, industrial, or manufacturing purposes that have resulted in an environmental impact to the Site. According to the EPA, a Brownfield Property is a “site, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may… Read More

Engineering a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are used to keep materials in place that otherwise would naturally slide due to pressure exerted by gravitational forces.  A retaining wall is commonly used to create sharp, vertical changes in elevation on a landscape while ensuring long-term structural stability along with clean aesthetics.  Walls may be constructed of monolithic concrete, wood, steel,… Read More