Legionella Prevention: Cleaning/Disinfection, Inspection, and Sampling for Cooling Units

New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Protection Against Legionella Regulations effective July 6, 2016 (Regulations) describe requirements to protect individuals that may be affected by Legionella bacteria as a result of cooling tower or evaporative cooler operations (cooling units). The NYSDOH Regulations aim to reduce the risk of Legionella transmission with periodic maintenance and… Read More

The Connection Between Cooling Towers and Legionella Transmission: How Can We Effectively Reduce the Risk?

Walden Engineer, Lou Goldstein, gets published by Civil and Structural Engineer Media! Throughout the United States and beyond, improper HVAC system maintenance may pose a health risk not only to immediate workers, but the surrounding community as a whole. Legionella bacteria (Legionella) were first discovered by public health officials in 1976, with their name stemming from… Read More

Legionella Prevention for Health Care Facilities

Legionella Prevention for Health Care Facilities When it comes to general hospitals and residential health care facilities, compliance with the New York State Legionella Regulations involves a unique set of standards when compared to other facilities where Legionella is a risk. Subpart 4-2 within Section 225(5)(a) of the New York State Public Health Law requires… Read More

Warm Weather’s Here! Are Your Air Conditioning Systems Preventing Legionella Growth?

This summer, don’t forget about Legionella Prevention! Legionella Outbreaks in Recent History As a reminder, Legionella bacteria can multiply and survive at temperatures ranging from 68 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. As temperatures rise each year, an increase in incidents occurs nationwide, most often related to cooling towers that have not been properly maintained and inadequate… Read More

Cooling Tower and Evaporative Coolers Issues – What You Need to Know about Legionella Compliance in New York State

Legionnaire Pontiac Fever

Legionnaire’s Disease is Preventable Recent outbreaks of Legionellosis (Legionnaire’s disease) have been traced to the uncontrolled release of Legionella Bacteria in mists generated from operational cooling towers and evaporative coolers (cooling units). Respiring or breathing in this bacteria can result in a pneumonia-like infection of the lungs which can prove fatal for people with compromised… Read More