NYCDEP Deadlines on Fuel Conversion for Boilers

NYCDEP DEADLINES ON FUEL CONVERSION FOR BOILERS  The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP), specifically in Title 24 Chapter 1, Subchapter 8 Section 24-168 of the NYC Administrative Code, has set the following deadlines for fuel conversion on boilers. Deadlines: For residual oil (#6 oil). Any boiler in NYC must stop burning residual… Read More

New Underground Storage Tank Operator Training Required by the State and Federal Regulations.

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Recent New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) revisions to the PBS and CBS regulations have resulted in the DEC issuing DER-40, Operator Training.  This program policy summarizes the requirements for training Underground Storage Tank (UST) operators as required by the State and Federal regulations. Some specific provisions are: Establishes Class A and B… Read More

Diesel Fuel Makes a Dangerous Solvent!

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Don’t let a dirty job become a dangerous one. A number of municipalities have adopted the practice of using diesel fuel as a solvent for cleaning asphalt off both trucks and equipment. This is a risky practice that is in violation of DEC regulations. Due to diesel’s low flash point, it could result in explosions… Read More

Fueling Emergency Generators: Tank Regulations for Emergency Generators in Suffolk County

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As the winter storm season approaches, maintaining electric power is critical to maintaining business operations, whether you are a consulting practice or the fire department. Like it or not, having no electricity means you’re likely out of business until it returns. As consulting engineers, we are often asked about regulations pursuant to emergency generators. In… Read More

Generator FAQs – What You Need to Know.

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You’re part of a Fire District. You love your job. You love helping people when they are in distress. For you, there is no greater sense of pride than saving a life, a home or providing rescue assistance. You’ve been there for Superstorm Sandy and you’ve weathered countless nor’easters. Time after time, your department has… Read More