Don’t Miss the Annual Community Right-to-Know (Tier II Inventory) Filing Deadline!

right to know filing

WHAT IS COMMUNITY RIGHT-TO-KNOW? The Federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) was established to prepare and plan for hazardous chemical emergencies in communities. EPCRA requires businesses / industry to report on the storage, usage and releases of hazardous substances to Federal, State, and local government agencies. The information collected is used to prepare for and protect the health and safety… Read More

Walden Female Staff Speak at Hofstra Virtual Forum

Nora Brew, P.E., Walden Environmental Engineering (Walden) Vice President, cohosted a presentation to female college and high school students interested in pursuing studies in engineering. The W SPiCE (Women’s Summer Program in Computer/Engineering) initiative was spearheaded by Phil Coniglio, founder of the Co-op Program at the Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science at… Read More

Reissuance and Modification of Nationwide Permits

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recently proposed to reissue its Nationwide Permits (NWPs), with modifications to the NWP general conditions and definitions, and adoption of several new NWPs. Those planning to undertake activities that will disturb wetlands or waterways are often required to obtain a Nationwide Permit from the USACE, depending on project… Read More

USEPA is Developing a National Recycling Strategy

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released a draft National Recycling Strategy.  The strategy has been drafted to provide goals and a framework to identify recycling processes and drivers, as well as potential opportunities and challenges facing the recycling system in the United States. The draft strategy progresses the EPA’s 2019 National Framework… Read More

YOUR GUIDE TO DRONES IN ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING: How Drones Are Mapping Sites, Improving Water Quality & Managing Infrastructure

drones in engineering

Your Guide to UAVs in Environmental Engineering Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, also known as drones) can be a helpful tool for many companies, government agencies and other organizations. They may be considered cutting-edge technology, but their use has been around for longer than most might realize. Use of small drones in the commercial space formally… Read More