Walden client–Greenlots–completes one of the first public/private Electric Vehicle Charger Projects

Middletown Gets Electric Car Chargers! Walden client –Greenlots completes one of the first public/private Electric Vehicle Charger Projects at Boulder Pointe Apartments We are pleased to congratulate Greenlots on the successful electrical vehicle (EV) charging stations installed at Boulder Pointe Apartments in Middletown, NY. The EV charging stations were funded through grant programs administered by… Read More

The NYSDEC Proposes to Lower Particulate Matter Limits for Combustion Sources

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) is proposing to repeal and replace 6 NYCRR Subpart 227-1, Stationary Combustion Installations, as well as attendant provisions under Part 200, General Provisions. The revisions to Subpart 227-1 include lowering PM emission limits for existing and new stationary combustion installations that either predate, or are not… Read More

The NYSDEC Proposes to Ban the Sale of Non-OEM After Market Catalytic Converters in NYS

Proposed Subpart 218-7, Aftermarket Parts The Department is proposing to amend Part 218 to incorporate revisions to the standards for new California certified aftermarket catalytic converters (AMCCs). The proposed amendments will prohibit the offering for sale, sale, advertising, and installation of federal certified AMCCs for use on any vehicle in New York regardless of the… Read More