Why Outsourcing Your EHS Program Can Save You

(Originally published March 2017.) At your company, who handles your environmental, health, and safety (EHS) program? Is there a team whose job it is to ensure that your company is compliant? How do you even know if you’re up to date with the most current regulations? Through working with clients across many different industries, professionals… Read More

Non-Compliance May Cost You…

AND MUCH MORE THAN YOU MAY THINK (Originally published May 2021.) As we mark a year of businesses operating during a worldwide pandemic, it is a good time to give your facilities and operations a thorough review. Are you overlooking – or delaying – improvements needed to achieve or maintain regulatory compliance? Have you moved… Read More

CPR AED First-Aid Training is Always in Season

(Originally published February 2021.) With a new month comes a fresh start; an opportunity to look at your emergency response plan to ensure that you’re prepared. At Walden, our EHS Division (formerly Turnkey Compliance Solutions), has expanded our CPR AED and First Aid training program to meet the needs of our clients, especially those with… Read More

Giving Your Spray Booth Space

If your facility has a spray booth, it is important that you provide adequate clearance around it to ensure you’re in compliance with OSHA regulations. In most cases, that means that “each spray booth shall be separated from other operations by not less than 3 feet, or by a greater distance, or by such partition… Read More