Using Aerial Thermography to Spot Water Quality Issues, Leaks, and Other Discrepancies

Recent developments in drone thermal imaging have proven to be especially effective at identifying water quality issues. Walden and Harkin have undertaken multiple case studies which show, under proper conditions, that many illicit discharges (sources of potential pollution) produce a measurable change in temperature that can be seen with a thermal drone. By flying in… Read More

YOUR GUIDE TO DRONES IN ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING: How Drones Are Mapping Sites, Improving Water Quality & Managing Infrastructure

drones in engineering

Your Guide to UAVs in Environmental Engineering Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, also known as drones) can be a helpful tool for many companies, government agencies and other organizations. They may be considered cutting-edge technology, but their use has been around for longer than most might realize. Use of small drones in the commercial space formally… Read More

New York’s Public Service Commission Seeking Comments Regarding Utility Consolidations

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) issued a Notice Soliciting Comments from municipalities and other water authorities interested in serving, consolidating, acquiring or otherwise providing service to areas currently served by American Water Company (NYSE: AWK).  The PSC has received many requests to replace the current providers of water service with a municipal owner… Read More

Water Quality When Emerging Past COVID-19

Water Quality Covid-19

As we all emerge in phases and new protocols from the impacts of the Novel Coronavirus, the office buildings, schools, co-working facilities and gyms all sit waiting for our return. The quality of the tap water within the buildings can be altered due to stagnant conditions or even the lower flow conditions occurring with little… Read More

Cyberthreats to Water and Wastewater Utilities

Cyberthreats to Water and Wastewater Utilities Cyberthreats are a growing concern for water and wastewater utility organizations. Antivirus programs are no longer enough and attackers can intentionally or unintentionally threaten public health and the environment. This month’s featured article in the Journal of the American Water Works Association (Improving Security for SCADA and Administrative Networks… Read More