New York City Benchmarking and Energy Efficiency Grading Due May 1st

Benchmarking and Energy Efficiency Grading (Benchmarking) is a tool that The City of New York (City) introduced as part of an initiative to make buildings operate more efficiently.  The City standardizes this process by utilizing the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) online benchmarking tool, known as the Energy Star Portfolio Manager® (Portfolio Manager).  Building… Read More

The Connection Between Cooling Towers and Legionella Transmission: How Can We Effectively Reduce the Risk?

Walden Engineer, Lou Goldstein, gets published by Civil and Structural Engineer Media! Throughout the United States and beyond, improper HVAC system maintenance may pose a health risk not only to immediate workers, but the surrounding community as a whole. Legionella bacteria (Legionella) were first discovered by public health officials in 1976, with their name stemming from… Read More