NYS Opens Application for Grant Funding for 2022

Once again, NYS has opened the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA). This round makes funding available for up to $150 million in cash awards and $75 million in Excelsior Tax Credits. This is the twelfth round of the CFA, which was started to streamline the State’s grant application process by offering applicants a single submission that… Read More

Walden Celebrates Earth Day

Tomorrow (April 22nd) is Earth Day!   Like a lot of people, you might be thinking about what it means to recognize Earth Day and what you can do to help our environment. Sometimes, the challenges associated with being good stewards of the environment can seem insurmountable. But it does not have to be. There… Read More

DEC Announces Availability of Grant Funding to Improve Water Quality, Bolster Resiliency in Estuaries

Tributary Restoration and Resiliency Grants will Help Hudson River, Westchester, New York City, and Long Island Communities Restore Habitat for American Eel and River Herring New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will award $1 million in grant funding that is earmarked for communities in eastern New York to improve water quality, increase flood… Read More

Your Guide to Brownfield Developments: What You Need to Know to Make Sure Your Investment Dollars are Well Spent

Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Developing a Brownfield Site Savvy developers should know that due diligence is the critical piece of the puzzle in deciding if the risks outweigh the rewards when considering the purchase of a Brownfield site. Retaining a knowledgeable environmental consultant can arm developers with the information they need to make… Read More

Summer Safety: Heat Related Illness

As of last week, the greater New York City area has already seen two official heat waves, and the summer has only just begun.   Unfortunately, people who work outdoors like those in the AEC industries are at exponential risk for a host of illnesses brought on by excessive heat exposure. Add in factors such… Read More

Ground-Based Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry

It was not too many years ago that using laser scanners to capture space measurements was something that many organizations thought was out of their reach. Although the technology produces extremely accurate images, the costs associated with procuring the equipment were prohibitive, even through renting or leasing. Thanks to ever-improving efficiencies in the technology, ground-based… Read More