Does my Industrial Facility need a SPDES Permit, NPDES Permit, or a SWPPP for stormwater discharge management in New York State?

When it comes to facility stormwater discharge management in New York state, there can be confusion on what permitting is required and what the various acronyms like SPDES, NPDES, or SWPPP mean. In short, SPDES and NPDES, are related regulatory programs put in place to regulate stormwater discharges that may leave a facility and enter… Read More

New Pre-Determined BUD Forms Are Now Available!

A Predetermined BUD, or Beneficial Use Determination, is a determination by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation that a material ceases to be considered a “waste” and thus can be beneficially used with fewer restrictions on handling. Similar to the Waste Tracking Document which is required whenever a fill material waste is being… Read More