Meet Walden’s 2021 Scholarship Winner!

Walden Environmental Engineering offers a scholarship to high school students in Oyster Bay, NY.  The goal is to expose young aspiring students to engineering and to pursue the field and study of engineering. In the world of engineering, a quality high school education sets the foundation needed to excel in higher learning and one’s career…. Read More

Walden Welcomes Allison!

Allison Brundage is a Staff Engineer at Walden Environmental Engineering. Allison received her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Delaware. Her favorite course in college was global sustainable engineering. She was also active in Greek life and club sports. In addition to her campus participation, Allison… Read More

NYSDEC and NYSERDA Take Steps to Support Implementation of State’s Nation-Leading Climate

The New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), whose leaders oversee the State’s Climate Action Council, recently appointed members to the newly created “Just Transition” Working Group as well as six (6) Advisory Panels that will work alongside the Council to implement changes intended… Read More

YOUR GUIDE TO UTILITY VALUATION: Strategies for Maximizing Your Water and Wastewater Asset’s Value

Utility Valuation Process

Because utility valuation is a relatively infrequent occurrence, it’s all the more critical that municipalities and private utilities understand the process. Moreover, today’s high operating expenditures for water and wastewater utilities make it particularly important that municipalities clearly understand the current value their assets so they can prepare for changes tomorrow. A 2018-2027 FORECAST by… Read More

Working through the Valuation Process

Once the municipality or private utility has established its goals and selected a partner, it’s time to begin the legwork for the actual valuation process. This investigation will uncover all assets and explore as-built and current replacement costs. While many municipalities are content to turn this process over to their consultant in its entirety, initial… Read More

Taking the Right Appraisal Approach for Your Needs

While the usefulness of a utility valuation may now seem clear, how to proceed is often less apparent. Understanding the right time to use each of the different valuation approaches can help municipalities and utility owners determine their next steps. There are three typical appraisal approaches to take to understand the value of utility systems…. Read More

How a Utility Valuation Can Help

Utility Valuation

While most people may have a general sense of the market value of a home or business, it’s not so easy to apply accurate values to a utility. Not only do prices change across markets, but decades of adding to these systems may mean municipalities or private owners lose track of built assets sprawling across… Read More