YOUR GUIDE TO UTILITY VALUATION: Strategies for Maximizing Your Water and Wastewater Asset’s Value

Utility Valuation Process

Because utility valuation is a relatively infrequent occurrence, it’s all the more critical that municipalities and private utilities understand the process. Moreover, today’s high operating expenditures for water and wastewater utilities make it particularly important that municipalities clearly understand the current value their assets so they can prepare for changes tomorrow. A 2018-2027 FORECAST by… Read More

NYSDEC Revised the Current 6 NYCRR Part 226

NYSDEC revised the current 6 NYCRR Part 226 into two parts, “Solvent Cleaning Processes” and “Industrial Cleaning Solvents”, and made changes to Part 201, ‘Permits and Registrations’. Now, rules apply to the cleaning of all materials, not just metal, and changed the current ‘cold cleaning’ requirement of using a solvent. No changes are being proposed… Read More