10 Things to Include in Your New York State COVID Business Safety Plan for Reopening

New York State’s PAUSE is slowing lifting across the State region by region, with Long Island’s Phase I businesses given the green light to resume operations effective May 27th.  Phase I businesses include construction, curbside retail service, manufacturing, and wholesale trade.  Phase II businesses including professional services, finance and insurance, administrative support, retail and real… Read More

Water Quality When Emerging Past COVID-19

Water Quality Covid-19

As we all emerge in phases and new protocols from the impacts of the Novel Coronavirus, the office buildings, schools, co-working facilities and gyms all sit waiting for our return. The quality of the tap water within the buildings can be altered due to stagnant conditions or even the lower flow conditions occurring with little… Read More

Working through the Valuation Process

Once the municipality or private utility has established its goals and selected a partner, it’s time to begin the legwork for the actual valuation process. This investigation will uncover all assets and explore as-built and current replacement costs. While many municipalities are content to turn this process over to their consultant in its entirety, initial… Read More

Updating Methane Emission Factors at Landfills

Methane in Landfills Methane is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases and air pollution; many times more impactful than carbon dioxide and other air pollutants.  Almost half of methane emissions in the U.S. come from gas, petroleum and landfill systems.  To estimate the amount of methane emissions from various sources within facilities, scientists and engineers… Read More

Waste Containerization Systems in Certain Buildings

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (“HPD”) is proposing to revise the rules to require certain buildings to install and utilize waste containerization systems for the management of waste generated. Who will install and utilize waste containerization system? Owners and/or managing agents of certain new or altered residential multiple dwellings. Who… Read More