OSHA Interpretation on silica standard for Construction

OSHA Interpretation on silica standard for Construction  Last March, OSHA released an interpretation letter regarding some aspects of its construction silica standard (“CSS” or “Standard”) 29 CFR 1926.1153. In particular they replied to an inquiry letter on the following topics: Integrated Water Delivery System, Exposure Assessment, Medical Surveillance, and Respiratory Protection     Integrated Water Delivery… Read More

Patching with Asphalt Millings

Do you have pavement in need of repair? Have you considered using asphalt millings? Paved surfaces deteriorate over time due to usage, weather and other factors. Typically, a portion of the surface will fail while the rest stays intact, such as the forming of pot holes and cracking. There are various ways to repair these… Read More

Industrial Stormwater Pollution in MS4 Areas

Industrial Stormwater Pollution in MS4 Areas It is illegal to discharge polluted stormwater to surface waterbodies. Many industrial business owners overlook their site’s potential to pollute surface waters because their stormwater drains to a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4). Unlike combined storm and sanitary sewers, MS4’s discharge untreated stormwater to surface waters. If you… Read More

Respiratory Protection: What Do I Need to Know?

In the environmental and general construction industries, breathing hazards are encountered on a common basis. Some examples of respiratory hazards include: Vapors or particulates which are introduced into the air via intrusive work such as cutting or digging Chemical vapors off-gassing from improperly stored chemicals in a non-ventilated area Encountering a low-oxygen environment when entering… Read More