How to Protect your Family from Lead Based Paint

How to Protect your Family from Lead Based Paint It is no secret that lead exposure causes significant health issues for humans, especially in children. If exposed, children may suffer from neurological and intelligence deficits, stunted growth, anemia, and in rare cases, seizures, coma and death. If a mother is exposed during pregnancy, the fetus… Read More

What does An Environmental Engineering Consulting Firm Do?

What can an Environmental Engineering Consulting Firm Do? An environmental engineering consulting firm can assist you with everything from system design and project oversight to managing ongoing reporting and preparing compliance submittals. You may also enlist their help in writing grant applications for FEMA or other government-sponsored funding assistance. So what does the work involve?… Read More

What Are The Components Associated With Underground Storage Tank Removals?

The procedures to remove an underground storage tank are regulated! Whether you’re planning to remove a single underground storage tank or a multi-tank system, you’ll need to obtain necessary permits from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (or your state’s equivalent agency). Some municipalities such as New York City have additional rules and may… Read More