Walden Does Monitoring Well Installation for Groundwater Sampling

Monitoring Well Installation for Groundwater Sampling Groundwater Sampling Long-Term Groundwater Monitoring Phase II Environmental Site Assessments Spill Sites Superfund Sites Brownfield Sites Contaminant Investigation Plume Migration Remedial System Design and Operation Oil and Gas Exploration   Walden always acts in the best interest of our clients when dealing with contractors and regulators, recognizing the goal… Read More

Above Ground Storage Tanks vs Underground Storage Tanks

Design Permitting Removal of USTs

Petroleum and Chemical Bulk Storage Decisions If you plan to store petroleum products or certain types of hazardous substances, you can count on detailed regulation whether you choose above ground or underground storage tanks (ASTs or USTs). Stringent standards are aimed at overall public health and environmental protection, but primarily ensuring that our groundwater remains safe,… Read More

Watch Walden’s Tank Removal Video!

UST removal by Walden

Walden Environmental Engineering teamed with AARCO Environmental Services to successfully remove two underground storage tanks for our client. UST Removal and Spill Remediation UST management, inspections and troubleshooting Compliance with petroleum storage requirements including monitoring and recordkeeping Fuel inventory management UST and fueling system design Oversight during fueling system construction to ensure proper installation and adherence… Read More

UPDATE: DEC Releases New Comprehensive Strategy Impacting Composting and Mulching Operations

Mulch Compost

With regards to the risk of groundwater pollution, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has updated their Part 360 regulations governing solid waste facilities to include new Part 361 regulations for composting and mulching operations.   Reports released from the NYSDEC and Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) indicated potential groundwater… Read More