What is the new EPA “e-Manifest”?

What is the EPA “e-Manifest”? The new EPA “e-Manifest” is an electronic system for tracking hazardous waste under the Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act. This act encourages users to transition from paper submissions to electronic submissions of the manifest. What are the positives of the new act? This system will go into effect on… Read More

What Do My Lab Results Mean? Interpreting Laboratory Data Reports

Laboratory Results

Laboratory Data Should Answer Questions, Not Create Them! In today’s complex world of ever-evolving and changing regulations, environmental testing has become common place and routine. Due to continuous advancements in technology, the interpretation and application of environmental compliance testing has become a science unto itself. In order to successfully navigate the complexities of new and existing… Read More

Municipal Grant Opportunities in 2018

New York State Grant Writers

New York State’s 2018 Consolidated Funding Application Grant Program Now Open This year New York State has earmarked over $750 million in State funding to support job growth and the economic development strategies established by Regional Economic Development Councils throughout the State.  Eligible parties can apply for funding through more than 30 programs via the… Read More

NYSDEC Part 360 Compliance starts TODAY!

Fill Material BUD

Hey Bud, do you know about B.U.D.s? Tracking Documents? Permits and Registrations? The time has come to comply with the NYSDEC Part 360 regulations. Starting today, May 3, 2018, the NYSDEC requires and expects that all Solid Waste Facilities (with some exceptions) will be in compliance with the new regulations. The exceptions include Part 361-5… Read More

Who Needs an NYC DEP Air Emissions Registration?

DEP Registration or Work Permit

NYCDEP Registration(s) for Air Emissions Sources How Does New York City Control Air Pollution? The New York City Air Pollution Control Code (APCC) (Chapter 1 of Title 24 of the NYC Administrative Code) regulates the emission into open air “of any harmful or objectionable substance” in order to “preserve, protect and improve the air resources… Read More