Permitting a Compost Facility in New York – New Solid Waste Regulations

Transfer Station Permit Application

Updated New York State Composting Facility Regulations In a previous Walden blog we provided a brief overview of Subpart 361-3, which covers several different types of organics processing facilities, including: composting, anaerobic digestion, fermentation, and animal feed processing facilities.  This blog will discuss permit requirements for composting facilities in greater detail, giving the reader a… Read More

Proposed Amendment 6 NYCRR Chapter III – Air Resources Part 226 Solvents Metal Cleaning Process

Regulations pertaining to industrial cleaning and degreasing with solvents are changing. Here are the big take-aways.  Businesses that use solvents or cold cleaners for equipment cleaning, take note of changes in regulations that could affect your industrial operations. NYSDEC is proposing to amend 6NYCRR Part 226 concerning air emission related to Solvent Metal Cleaning Process…. Read More

5 Community Right-to-Know Filing Guidelines for New York City

Right To Know Filing Every year on March 1st, facilities within New York City that store or use hazardous substances are required to file reports with the City’s Department of Environmental Protection. These Community Right-to-Know (RTK) filings are designed to facilitate accumulation and rapid access to detailed information necessary to protect the public and emergency responders. Community… Read More

5 Steps for Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) in Groundwater Sampling

Walden Groundwater Contamination Expert Engineering

Groundwater Sampling Groundwater sampling and monitoring is a crucial component of the majority of subsurface remediation work.  Walden addressed the topic of monitoring well (well) installation in a previous blog; well networks are strategically designed based on the groundwater table and flow gradient in order to monitor and analyze subsurface flow. Although the end product… Read More

Key Stormwater Permit Requirements for Vehicle Dismantling Facilities

SPDES Permit

Stormwater Regulation Updates Affect Auto Salvage Businesses If you own or operate a Vehicle Dismantling Facility– a business that disassembles or wrecks used motor vehicles for parts recycling, resale, or scrap– please note that you must conform to multiple New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) regulations associated with environmental compliance and reporting. Besides… Read More