Right-To-Know: Does My Business Need to File?

If your company is in the five boroughs of New York City and stores chemicals and hazardous substances, read on. The Right-to-Know Program was developed to protect both the public and city employees (including emergency responders) from exposure to potentially dangerous substances in the event of an accident or fire. Since many businesses use and store… Read More

Fueling Emergency Generators: Tank Regulations for Emergency Generators in Suffolk County

above ground storage tank regulations Walden environmental engineering

As the winter storm season approaches, maintaining electric power is critical to maintaining business operations, whether you are a consulting practice or the fire department. Like it or not, having no electricity means you’re likely out of business until it returns. As consulting engineers, we are often asked about regulations pursuant to emergency generators. In… Read More

Generator FAQs – What You Need to Know.

generator faqs Walden environmental engineering

You’re part of a Fire District. You love your job. You love helping people when they are in distress. For you, there is no greater sense of pride than saving a life, a home or providing rescue assistance. You’ve been there for Superstorm Sandy and you’ve weathered countless nor’easters. Time after time, your department has… Read More