What Are The Possible Benefits Of Shale Gas Exploration?

Experts agree increased natural gas availability could bring a wide range of significant benefits to U.S. businesses and consumers.  Check out the presentation we did on Marcellus Shale. New extraction techniques – especially the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling – now enable energy companies to access enormous natural gas deposits within shale far underground…. Read More

How Much Does An Environmental Site Assessment Cost?

Anyone planning to buy, refinance or sign an option agreement on a piece of commercial property in New York or New Jersey should be aware of the need for a Phase 1 environmental site assessment. It’s a result of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Act, passed back in 1980, which was aimed at helping… Read More

Who Qualifies For Environmental Grants?

Have you ever considered applying for environmental grants? Whether you’re a municipality or some other public entity or you’re a private landowner, the process of determining whether property is contaminated and then cleaning it up can be extremely complex and extremely expensive. Like everything else, the cost of remediation is rising. And the longer properties… Read More

How Do I Know If My Underground Storage Tank Is Damaged?

Detecting damage to your underground storage tank is really about detecting leaks – the result of damage. But you can’t see below the surface, so it’s essential to have a comprehensive, reliable monitoring system that can “see” for you. All regulated tanks – including your underground storage tank – must be accompanied by some kind… Read More