What To Look For In Automated Fuel System Software

There’s no question that an automated fuel systemcan streamline your operation and help you gain control over valuable fuel assets. With no end in sight to rising fuel costs, investing in fuel management software makes more sense than ever. A top quality automated fuel system should offer a comprehensive list of features, but exactly how you’ll… Read More

Marcellus Shale: It is Like Night (NY) and Day (PA)

I recently attended a public meeting in central Pennsylvania focusing on the issuance of a water withdrawal permit from the Tioga River. My interest in this subject aimed at understanding how my company, Walden Associates, could help energy companies plan and drill safely in New York’s Southern Tier, where they will face similar permit requests…. Read More

What Are The Components of a Phase 1 Environmental Audit?

The purpose of a Phase 1 environmental audit is to establish yourself as an “innocent landowner” before you actually become the legal landowner. Therefore the investigation is structured to discover whether the property you’re considering purchasing is or could be contaminated with petroleum products or other hazardous substances. The Phase 1 environmental audit is designed to identify… Read More

Fuel Management Systems Suppliers: What To Look For

More and more businesses that manage fuel – and public entities, too – are discovering the tremendous efficiencies that can be gained by instituting a fuel management system. But it’s a major investment, one that has to make both practical and financial sense. Choosing among fuel management systems suppliers can be confusing. Who to pick? The… Read More