What Is Covered By A Phase 1 ESA?

The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a broad-based inspection and discovery process designed to determine whether a particular property is or is likely to be contaminated, based on past usage. If you’re considering buying the property, conducting a Phase 1 ESA can provide important future protection. Toward that end, the Phase 1 ESA includes: Historical… Read More

How The Town of Hempstead Increased Its Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Like communities all across the country, the Town of Hempstead has struggled with skyrocketing fuel costs and other inefficiencies associated with managing their vehicle fleets and fueling facilities. But true fleet fuel efficiency results from more than just getting the best possible miles-per-gallon. For Hempstead, the ability to scrupulously manage their fuel assets from purchase through dispensing… Read More

Why A Phase 1 Site Assessment Before You Purchase Property

Phase 1 site assessment is all about self-protection. It’s a straight-forward but essential risk management tool that should be completed as part of your due diligence before purchasing commercial or even residential real estate. It’s important enough that Phase 1 site assessments are now frequently required by lenders. The point is to establish yourself as… Read More

Fuel Management System: 5 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing

A fuel management system is just what the name implies — a comprehensive technology tool that can help you track and control all your fuel inventory, purchasing and dispensing transactions. Whether you’re a private enterprise or public agency, under intense scrutiny or simply trying to manage your operations as cost-effectively as possible, you cannot afford to let… Read More