Top 5 Reasons You Need A Fuel Management System

A fuel management system provides high-tech electronic monitoring that can streamline your operations, no matter how large or small your business, how many locations you manage, or whether you use liquid or gaseous fuel. Particularly when used in conjunction with FuelMaster’s Automotive Information Module (AIM2) or similar device, a fuel management system can provide truly… Read More

Addressing Contamination With Environmental Database Management Software

The goal of addressing contamination is to achieve the maximum clean-up or containment possible, as soon as possible given available resources. An environmental database management system gives you the latest digital technology — right at hand 24/7 — to streamline and enhance your contamination investigation and remediation process. Clearly see the nature and extent of each problem…. Read More

Using An EDMS To Facilitate Groundwater Remediation

The key to designing any successful groundwater remediation plan is obtaining maximum information through all stages of the project, from the initial investigation to assembly and evaluation of potential remediation alternatives. An environmental database management system facilitates the entire process and even helps you assess your options. Results are only as good as your data. With an… Read More

Who Can Benefit From Environmental Database Management Systems?

An environmental database management system is a comprehensive technology platform specifically designed to support the work of environmental scientists and managers, in all the ways you need to work. So the real question is who cannot benefit from using an EDMS? Perhaps you’re a geologist, hydrogeologist or environmental engineer who relies on gathering and evaluating detailed data to devise… Read More

3 Ways EDMS Can Help Groundwater Soil Investigation

The purpose of any groundwater soil investigation is to determine if contaminants have been released to subsurface areas, and if so, the nature and extent of those releases. The investigative process involves gathering and evaluating data – sometimes tremendous quantities – to consider the feasibility and ultimate value of remedial alternatives. Phase I and especially Phase II… Read More

5 Ways EDMS Helps Soil Contamination Clean Up

The goal of soil contamination clean up is to create the most comprehensive, effective, long-lasting remedial treatment possible to protect the future health of people and our environment. Engineers, hydrogeologists and usually a host of other professionals work together to create the best possible remedial design. Often there are multiple methods or technologies that can… Read More

Top 5 Values of Environmental Database Management Systems

An environmental database management system is an investment in technology that can bring untold ROI for anyone working publicly or privately in environmental health and protection. Here are five ways an EDMS can bring real value to your operation: Efficiency. You can get more done faster using an environmental database management system. Sort and evaluate tremendous volumes… Read More

What Is An Environmental Database Management System?

Regardless what role you play in the environmental health field, your work involves acquiring, sorting and evaluating vast quantities of data. You also work with a wide variety of colleagues on various projects, some of whom are professional engineers and scientists and some of whom are not. It’s an extremely complex process, especially when team… Read More

5 Benefits of Environmental Remediation Services

Hazardous waste is not something to consider lightly. It’s surrounded with tremendous public and private concerns, and there’s a lot of regulation and risk both above and below ground. Whether you’re in an industrial or auto-related industry, a financial institution, legal or insurance representative, municipality or government agency, environmental remediation services can help you deal with the… Read More