What Happens During a Remedial Investigation?

Remedial Investigation (RI) is the first of a two-part process designed to produce an in-depth understanding of the problems and possible repair for properties throughout the country that are contaminated with hazardous waste substances and therefore seriously threaten public and/or environmental health. In New York, the Departments of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Health (DOH) and  Law (DOL)… Read More

What is the Purpose of Environmental Feasibility Study?

An Environmental Feasibility Study (FS) uses information gathered and analyzed during the Remedial Investigation phase to design and then evaluate potential remediation alternatives for listed Superfund sites. The goal is to find the most effective option, preferably one that permanently eliminates or reduces contamination. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation staff and responsible parties… Read More

What are the Steps in an EPA Superfund Site Cleanup Process?

The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) of 1980 and subsequent amendments outline federal response options for the remediation of pollutants, contaminants and hazardous substances, via the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund site program. Sites become eligible for the Superfund program after being placed on the National Priorities List (NPL). Getting on the NPL. The… Read More

EDMS – What is it; What is it not?

Here at Walden we use EQuIS as our environmental database management system (EDMS). EQuIS is an EDMS created by Earthsoft, Inc. I know what you are thinking. “Yeah, that’s great, but what is an environmental database management system?” To answer that question, let’s first pretend it is 1990 and you are going on a business trip. You will be gone… Read More

What is a Superfund Site?

Following widely-publicized discovery of extensive toxic waste dumps such as Love Canal in the 1970s, Congress created the Superfund by enacting the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 (CERCLA). The name Superfund refers both to the program itself and to the fund established to pay for cleaning up hazardous waste sites. This… Read More